Julius Alvarado

Hi, I'm Julius Alvarado.

UIUX & Graphic Designer. | Game Developer. | 3D & Vector Artist. | Front-End Developer.

Current as of 9/17/2015
San Jose, California

Julius Alvarado

Front End Developer, Game Developer & Software Generalist.


Javascript / jQuery / Angular.JS
Game Development
UIUX / Graphic / Visual Design
HTML / CSS / LESS / Stylus
C# Programming
3D Modeling & Animation

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Quick Facts:

  • Jack of all Trades

  • Chess Addict, been playing since I was 4

  • Very much a 3D & Vector Artist

  • Played Alto, Barry, & Tenor Saxophone during my 12 year long band career (2nd grade - Sophmore year of College)

  • I love making art, but I'm in love with coding

  • Really Big Thinker

  • Adobe Illustrator Expert

  • Very talkative, Idk why so many things pop up in my mind to talk about, Lol

  • My favorite programming Language is C#, Javascript is Uber Awesome to

  • Left Handed

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Front-End Development

The vast majority of my time now goes to Angular.JS, jQuery, The MEAN Stack, HTML, and CSS.

Game Development

So I got this idea for a game a few years ago(I mean who doesn't right?) and at the time I believed I was superman and could build it by myself since I knew how to use blender(even though I knew Nothing of game development). That ended up not working out. The majority of my time goes to The Game Engines I use.

C# programming

I started Using C# as a scripting language when I started using the Unity game engine 3years ago. Prior to this I had no interest what so ever to learn C#. I had always been a huge fan of C++ and python and spent countless hours studying them. I haven't touched either in 3years and since learning C# I haven't looked back. All of the C# I know is specific to the Game Engines I use.

UIUX / Graphic / Visual Design

After spending tons and tons of hours studying the Unity Game Engine(okay not tons, but about 300ish hours) I discovered in order to make my own GUI's I would need a 2D program(at the time I thought I could do everything by myself). This brought me to the Industry standard Adobe Photoshop&Illustrator. I later found out they are actually Very useful for UI/UX design when I started to study html,css, and javascript/jQuery.

3D Art

While I was going to college I always had a Huge interest in 3D. So I majored in software engineering thinking somewhere along the line I'd learn about 3D. After the tons of math and I/O coding I decided I'd venture out on my own to learn 3D... And I found Blender. I've studied and practiced blender for probably 2,000+ hours over the course of the last 4years.

Other Skills

Other side skills I have. I can do some pretty decent video editing and effects with the particular tools I use. I'd say I'm a good 2D artist. I like making cartoonish cute looking characters and environments. For 3D I'm pretty good at rigging, and decent at lighting, texturing/UV unwrapping, and materials. I know a tiny bit about server side coding, but I haven't studied the asp.net or node.js docs in depthly yet.

Currently available for work.

Laser Focused.

Big Thinker.

Pixel Perfectionist

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Software Engineering

San Jose State University

2011 - 2014

Computer Science

San Jose City College

2009 - 2012

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